Winter Tea Party Time!

5 Ways Winter Tea Parties Are the Best!

Winter tea parties are the best. While we often think of tea in the garden in Spring and Summer, and while Autumn is also a great time for tea, many see Winter as that time to fill up a mug with that hot, tasty tea, snuggle under a warm blanket, and enjoy both tea and a good book, movie, or craft project such as knitting, crocheting, or even quilting. But a tea party with friends in these chilly months not only lifts the spirits but affords you other pleasures!

1 – Meeting a Challenge

Yes, there are tea devotees who persist in having their tea parties outdoors even in Winter. It can be a challenge that many will relish. As for your guests, just be sure your invitation states: “Winter Attire Required, Alaskan Style!” Sure, you could have the party indoors, but you’d miss all those challenging things such as:

  • Holding a teacup while wearing mittens.
  • Trying to hear what someone is saying to you through your earmuffs.
  • Having to stand periodically and stamp your feet to keep the blood circulating.
  • Cracking a tooth on a frozen piece of cake.

Some folks who have met the challenge:

2 – Get the Full Heat Treatment

The standard line about tea is that it warms you when you are cold and cools you when you are hot. Well, in truth, tea that served hot is best enjoyed when the weather is cold for several reasons:

  • Heating the water in a kettle helps warm the kitchen.
  • The steam from the cup can help clear a stuffy nose.
  • Holding the warm cup in your hands helps warm them.
  • The warm liquid inside you gives immediate relief from feeling chilly.

(Source: Pixabay

3 – More Companionable

Somehow, Winter seems a time for gathering together of friends and family, partly due to holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, and partly to huddle together and stay warm. Having an indoor tea party will be a great gathering, and there are usually tea sales going on, so you save money, or you might be able to share that gift of tea you received for Christmas.

Doesn’t this look inviting? (Source:

4 – Calorie Consumption Differs

We have all heard that when you break apart something like a chocolate chip cookie before eating it that all the calories leech out into the surrounding air. Well, in Winter when you consume calories they only count as half as much because your body is busy trying to stay warm and so it burns up more calories faster. That’s the theory anyway, and it’s probably as true as the one about the chocolate chip cookies.

You will want to go for some of those Winter “comfort foods” to help keep you from being S.A.D. (although, as seen in another article here, certain colors around you can help, too).

Recommended comfort foods for cold weather include these:

5 – Taking Away the Chill

For many of you, the weather just says “Gimme that hot tea now!” Otherwise, you’ll be frozen solid, like the folks in Minnesota recently. Of course, the sensible folks there know how to protect themselves in such conditions and still be able to sip that cuppa. However, they are challenged by the tea freezing before they can drink it. Small wonder some folks there just drink iced tea year round!

Whatever your reasons, fill that tea kettle, getting it heating, prep the teapot, invite over some friends and family, and best of all stay warm and happy!

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