Thunderbolt Tea and (Pricey) Singbulli Emperor First Flush 2015

by Little Yellow Teapot (a tea steeping marvel and occasional contributing author)

Tea champ Benoy Thapa of Thunderbolt Tea personally tastes and selects each tea on his store site. This tea, of the six samples he sent us, was the least favorite but still outstanding.

Steeped up (190°F for 3 minutes):

Singbulli Emperor 1F2015
Singbulli Emperor 1F2015

The dry leaves had a nutty aroma. The almost clear liquid had a roasty, fruity, nutty, tangy flavor. Gets good marks from my humans. Not as pricey as the Castleton Moonlight First Flush 2015 tea, but still well above what this little teapot and my humans consider reasonable.

What Is a First Flush Darjeeling

In most tea growing areas, the tea plants go dormant in Winter. As Spring approaches, they resume their growth (flush) and continue from about late February to mid April. The fresh, young leaves are harvested and processed into First Flush Teas. This tea has tender shoots, typically of the highest grades.

Singbulli Tea Estate Info

This garden is also part of the tea tourism craze sweeping the world of tea (as a great way to increase garden revenues). Despite being part of a larger company, the garden retains a small, independent feel and maintains top standards for its teas.

Location: Mirik (on NH 35)
Founded: originally set up by British planters
Owned by: BK Birla Group and Jay Shree Tea & Industries, Ltd.
Elevation: 1200 to 4100 feet
Factory: started in 1924
Processing Style: black, green and specialty tea



Darjeeling Map 070 Singbulli2

Singbulli map shown here is a still capture from the full map here: Darjeeling Garden Map on Blog.

© 2015 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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