Drones – When the Latest Gimmick in Homeselling Is Worthwhile

The latest gimmick – a gadget known as a drone – is finally available to realtors for helping them sell your property. But is it really a gimmick? Or even if it is a gimmick, does that means it’s not useful? Only time will answer those questions. As far as I’m concerned, these drones are fabulous. For now they seem to be used for the upscale properties, but I am thinking they will become even more widely used as time goes on, just as those videos have been. Our house was hardly in that upscale category yet had a video of the interior available online for us to view (oddly, it failed to reveal a feature that it should have – but that’s another story). For now, drones are just getting started. They’re not cheap, and they can take some skill to operate.

PropertyDroneView6-10-2015 2-06-36 PM

Drones Getting a Workout!

I am following on Facebook several of our local realtors and noticed some are using drones to get their properties a bit of extra exposure – literally! The resulting videos have been carefully edited so there is no violation of the privacy of property owners around the target property.

It took over a year to get government bureaucrats to put their useless stamp of approval on using these drones (a whole year when these devices could have been helping – sigh! – more government slowdown of business! – see this article). And a lot of legal issues had to be hammered out, including some lawsuits. More info here.

Why Use Drones Around Here

We have some hard-working realtors around here – not that they aren’t hard-working elsewhere, but they have to be especially hard-working here. Our realtors have a challenging market. Our economy is dominated by the American Indian tribes here, especially Cherokee and United Ketoowah Band (UKB) but also Choctaw, and by Northeastern Oklahoma State University. We have a job market, therefore, where two-thirds of it are restricted on who can even apply. For Cherokee Nation you have to submit proof of Indian blood (a CBID card) or a tribal ID card, and if you don’t have it, don’t bother applying. For the university most positions require a Masters Degree as a minimum. However, you are not prevented from applying to a private sector job if you are Indian or have a Masters Degree. Sort of a double-standard where many of us get double-shafted in the job market. Makes it tough to qualify for a mortgage. Add to that a growing population of senior citizens who move to the area to live in the various senior centers, not buy a house.

Our realtors, therefore, work double-hard to get properties seen by buyers outside the area, using social media sites and the latest gimmick – drones. A match made in heaven, it seems. Wishing them all success.

© 2015 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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