A Pumpkin Pie Tea Time!

The time of year for pumpkin pie is upon us. And what a great treat it is at tea time! This happens to be a store-bought pie. The pumpkin purchased awhile back for making a pie got a bit moldy before we could get around to the task. Sigh! The tea is a wonderful breakfast blend. We find that a strong black tea served British style with milk and sweetener is the ideal cuppa for a situation like this.


The best teas for pumpkin pie time:

  • Assam Black Tea (CTC style) – a great all-round tea, but especially nice with pumpkin pie with its cinnamon and nutmeg spices.
  • Darjeeling Tea – lots of variety here; we all especially like Autumn Flush Darjeelings with pumpkin pie, since you can steep it a little lighter and drink straight or steep stronger and add a bit of milk and sweetener.
  • Ceylon Green Tea – yep, there is plenty of green tea from Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), and they go great with pumpkin pie.
  • Ceylon Black Tea – naturally! Steep it up strong and add that milk and sweetener.
  • Dragonwell (Longjing, Lungching) – another that might surprise you, but the mildly nutty quality of this tea is fabulous with pumpkin pie.

Whichever tea you served, don’t forget that dollop of real whipped cream (canned or fresh) or even some Cool Whip (see this great recipe from Kraft Foods).

© 2014 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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