A Voyage to the Tea Gardens of Myanmar with Shan Valley’s Kyaukme Black Tea!

Your fave teapot here, sending you a cheery “TOOOT!” from the land of Myanmar (formerly Burma), a land we have visited before – not physically, but through the wonderful teas from Shan Valley Tea Company. They are located here in the U.S. but have strong ties with tea growers from their home country. Always a good thing as far as I and my humans are concerned.


Kyaukme Black Tea has an interesting aroma in the pouch – reminiscent of stone fruits with raisiny overtones and almost a pu-erh quality that we detected in previous teas we’ve tried. Intriguing! Time to steep. Boiling water and a 3-minute steeping in Little One Cupper, a proud member of my Tea Gang for several years now, resulted in a tea with a good aroma, rather malty, and a flavor that was perhaps a bit overly strong. It got a little bitter as it cooled. Try steeping for only 2 minutes. That seemed to work for us.

As you can see from these photos, the tea leaves are CTC style, that is ground to small pieces, but not dust. They are fully oxidized. Both of these factors mean a stronger flavor. My humans also tried some with milk and sweetener and found it very satisfying, especially since the bitterness was no longer detectable. Overall, a good tea for a hearty cuppa. Would probably go well with pumpkin pie! (Oops, I shouldn’t have said that. Now Mr. Pie Pumpkin is hiding again!)

Tea_Blog_SV-KyaukmeBlackC1 Tea_Blog_SV-KyaukmeBlackAB1

© 2014 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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