A Great Holiday Line-up

It’s parTEA time for this little teapot and my Tea Gang. Quite a line-up of teas that seem designed for your holiday sipping pleasure just arrived from Empire Tea Services. Their web site is called Tea Temptations and features a bunch of great tea choices. We’ll be diving into these samples for a bit of a Tea Gang tea party. Caution: Some of these have stuff added to them, so this will be a bit different for us, since we kinda stopped even agreeing to try such things, wanting instead to taste just the tea. But this is special for the upcoming holiday season.


The teas included in the sample pack:

  • Kris Kringle’s Delight – Ceylon black tea with chocolate, hazelnut, almond flavors, green/red sugar coated fennel seeds.
  • Sugar Plum – Ceylon tea with sugar plum, botanicals, fruit pieces, sweetened with stevia.
  • Peach & Apricot Green Tea – Gunpowder green tea with peach and apricot flavoring.
  • Mixed Fruit – Ceylon tea, orange peel, blackcurrant, peach, and raspberry flavors, sunflower petals.
  • Caribbean Sunset – Ceylon black teas, lemon myrtle, stevia, lemon peel with rum (an insignificant amount), lemon and lime flavors.
  • Scottish Breakfast – a blend of black teas. (not on site as of 25 October 2014)

See our past articles on their teas (these are on the old blog):

This tea vendor is definitely one of many trying to broaden their appeal to U.S. tea drinking humans by carrying these flavored teas. While we here at your fave tea blog site find this not at all surprising, we also see it as a sign that our efforts to help you tea lovers learn more about fine teas is needed. We encourage you to check out the many fine teas this vendor carries, including the ones we had the pleasure of trying previously.

© 2014 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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