Carhartt and a Comfy “Tea Shirt” Moment

The shrubbery has been trimmed. The cuttings have been cut down and bundled (we had to take some of the less healthy bushes out). All the while, the neighbor’s dog barked at us as if to say “Forget those shrubs and come play with me!” It was hot. It was humid.

Fortunately, I was wearing my Carhartt 100% scoop neck T-shirt in berry blue, so I could take both that heat and the humidity. When the job was done, hubby and I headed back inside to the cool of our air conditioned house. I donned my Carhartt hoody to prevent getting a chill and steeped a lovely oolong. Hubby snapped a quick photo of me sipping tea and wearing that true “tea shirt.” Ah, what a comfy tea moment!

That moment was so refreshing that I could almost head back outside to dig up the overgrown flower beds and move some of those decorative (and really heavy) granite boulders to better locations in the yard. Uh, well, maybe hubby and I will relax and let our aching muscles rest as we enjoy some more tea!

© 2012 A.C. Cargill photos and text


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