A New Recipe for That Pre-mixed Chai

Note: This was originally written on 8 April 2011, but at the vendor’s request I held off posting it until the new recipe could be announced. They were also supposed to send a sample of the final recipe. I have decided to go ahead and post this since at this point, it won’t give anything away.

A new recipe is a tricky thing. You try a bit of this, taste it, add a bit of that, taste again, and go back and forth like this for awhile until the perfect mixture emerges. Of course, this works best when you are doing something in your own kitchen for your own consumption. When you’re creating a new recipe for your product line, sometimes you need to call in some taster help.

Tipu’s Chai decided to call on their Facebook fans, Twitter followers, customers and interested parties to try samples of a couple of versions of a new recipe. Hubby and I took them up on the challenge of deciding between sample A and sample B.

This is another instant version of spiced tea, which is often called “chai” here in the U.S. (“Chai” actually means “tea” in India and other countries in that area, and “spiced tea” is “masala chai.”) Company founder Bipin Patel started with his grandmother’s recipe and was successful at marketing it to a public that was used to the stuff they serve at coffee shops or sell in little bags to be steeped in barely hot water. Such authenticity was usually only available at Indian restaurants or at the homes of friends from India, etc. We were thrilled, therefore, when we first tried Tipu’s Chai. So why not help them select between two formulas for their new recipe?

Each packet contained quite a bit of the powdered mix and needed only 8 ounces of boiling water each to produce 2 cups of spicy chai. Overall, both samples were heavy on cardamom and black pepper, but B was a bit more balanced and sweeter than A, not as overwhelming. We also found them both a little too thin, not quite a milky as we would have liked, probably because they are made with soy (I’m mildly allergic but risked it for this experiment). Neither had a chalky taste, but both took a bit of stirring to get the powder all dissolved, tended to settle, and left residue in the cups. Of course, that’s typical for anything instant.

Hubby and I think instant anythings have their place. They can save you time and yet enable you to enjoy something a bit special. Tipu’s newest instant chai recipe will be no exception.

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The sample packets:

The powdered mix:

The tea in the cups:

The residue in the cups:

Company website: http://www.tipuschai.com/


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