Steeping Mug Test 3 — Blooming Tea

Time for round 3 of our testing of the new, larger glass and poly travel mug. This time we are going with a Jasmine Blooming Tea.

As mentioned in the previous articles, the company has a great instructional video on their Website that I strongly recommend you view before using this mug. Then, you can decide if you want to follow their directions or go your own path. (If you choose the latter, please don’t blame the maker if something goes wrong.)

We followed the green tea method, since it advocated steeping the tea loose in the mug, and a blooming tea is best when steeped loose. It gets to open fully. However, we weren’t sure the size of the mug would allow the bloom to properly expand, to this test was important for us to do.

Here’s how the bloom looked when we steeped it for the review we did last year:

The Test Results:
The tea steeped up fine and managed to unfold to its full extent. The clear body of the mug let us enjoy the show:

What’s next?

First, I don’t recommend that you try a 2nd steep from this tea. However, if you really want to do one, you could remove the tea bloom from the mug with tongs or a long-handled teaspoon, drink the tea liquid, and do another steep in the mug when the liquid is gone. When drinking the liquid from the mug, leave the strainer cap in place, since pieces always seem to break off of these blooms when they’re steeped.

In short, the mug passed our test!

Disclaimer: This mug was provided to me for this review. My assessment of it is strictly objective, however. If you’ve read my reviews of other products, you know this is true.


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