Yummy Blueberry-Cranberry Scone Mix

The Canadians are coming…to a scone mix near you! Hubby and I tried the first of three Cobblestone Kitchens (a Canadian company) scones mixes. Since we both tend to go for blueberry and cranberry and since the Winter Holiday Season (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s) is approaching, we started with the Blueberry Cranberry Scone Mix.
The mix is in a plastic bag inside a box that, when seen from one of the ends, is diamond-shaped. Very cute. According to the ingredients list on the package, the mix doesn’t contain blueberries, not surprising since they tend to get pretty mushy in baked items. It does contain cranberries as well as blueberry juice. One thing’s for sure, the blueberry aroma is dominant in the dry mix.
You need a bit of milk and vegetable oil to add to the dry mix.
The mix, oil, and milk stir up easily. You can also see the large fruit pieces. Those are the cranberries, combined with sugar, blueberry juice, grape juice, and sunflower oil.
Hubby and I use the drop method for our scones, as opposed to shaping them into triangles or other shapes. The drop method seems to work fine and results in pretty tasty scones. You may notice that the mix only made 8 scones. Based on the weight of the dry mix (7.5 oz.), this was expected. A package of the other scone mix we usually have has a dry weight of 14 oz and makes about 13 scones of this size. The ratio of scones to dry weight is about the same.


We always like a nice pot of black tea with our scones. This time, we chose English Breakfast from The Boston Tea Company, which we had reviewed a little while ago. Our buddy, Little Yellow Teapot, did the steeping honors. Hubby fried up some bacon while the scones were in the oven. A bit of Devon Double Cream made the menu complete.

The scones were definitely the star of the show, lightly browned and crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, with a blueberry flavor that was enticing. The one drawback: that blueberry aroma and flavor dominated, with no hint of the cranberry. Only a minor issue as far as we’re concerned.

The bottom line: these scones are so scrumptious that they made both hubby and me very happy.


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