Yummy Scone Mixes from a Great Tea Vendor!

Any self-respecting tea company knows that tea without the appropriate “go-with” treat is only half a tea experience. One of the fave go-withs for those who enjoy a basically English style teatime is that little baked goodie: the scone. So, including scone mixes among their offerings is only natural.

Hubby and I have been big fans of Sticky Fingers Bakery scones for years. So simple. Dump the mix into a mixing bowl, add water, stir, drop on a baking sheet, and bake. However, we are always open to other options.

Recently, we received scone mixes from The Boston Tea Company: plain, lemon poppyseed, and blueberry cranberry. These mixes require milk and a bit of vegetable oil, a bit more complicated than Sticky Fingers, since we will have to be sure to have both items on hand when we want to make these whereas we always have water on hand. However, we will see if the taste is worth this bit of extra effort.

We already are stocked up on Devon Clotted Cream and Seedless Blackberry Preserves (I’m allergic to strawberries, so I had to sub from the traditional toppings used in a true Devonshire Cream Tea). Never fear, though, we’ll be sure to serve these with a tea worthy of such a decadent teatime!


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