The Large Tea Leaf

The tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, is the source of that tasty and amazingly versatile beverage called “tea,” a simple name that belies the complexity that it is. Normally, the leaves used from this plant are fairly small, some even tiny. So, when we reviewed Buddha Hand Oolong Tea from California Tea House, we were amazed at the size of one of the leaves.

Of course, hubby and I are still learning about tea. That’s part of the “tea life,” where tea is more than just a beverage, it’s a way of life. So, we’re quite pleased to learn something new about tea here.

According to the California Tea House website:

Buddha Hand Oolong gets its name from the large, hand like leaves of ‘Citron’ tea variety from which it is derived and the Buddhist monks that first cultivated it for ceremonial teas.

The tea plant has a number of varietals. This one (“Citron”) is quite impressive, producing flavorful and distinctive teas. Not to mention impressively sized leaves!

Hubby couldn’t resist preserving one of these large leaves. He pressed it flat between a folded paper towel for several days, checking it each day to make sure it didn’t stick. Here is the result:

As a reminder, here is what the tea leaves looked like dry and after steeping:

Tea lovers, let this be an example for you. Learn all you can about tea and enhance your enjoyment of it as a result. Enjoy!


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